Join Us for ENACT Day 2014 on May 29th in Sacramento

Active Living_shot from behindAll Californians deserve the opportunity to live in healthy and safe communities, and we want YOU to join us in Sacramento to bring that message to legislators and the media! ENACT Day 2014 is an opportunity for Californians from every corner of the state to come together at the state capitol to send the message: We want a state that better supports access to healthy food and safe places to be physically active, and we want it now! ENACT Day is a great chance for community members, grassroots organizers, and advocates to develop their policy advocacy skills.

Here is what you can expect if you attend ENACT Day:

  • Presentations on bills relating to healthy food and safe physical activity that are currently being voted on in the state legislature
  • Trainings from communications and advocacy experts about how to explain your success stories, policy positions or provide non-partisan education to legislators and the media
  • The unveiling of a policy platform for health, safety and equity in California
  • A rally on the steps of the capitol in support of giving every Californian the opportunity to live a safe and healthy life
  • An appointment to speak with your legislators or their staff about the ideas, issues and (optional) bills that are important to you
  • Potential opportunities to speak with the media on behalf of you and your community
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Time to network with other community members, grassroots organizers and advocates concerned with access to healthy food, opportunities for physical activity and health equity in California
  • Accommodations for Spanish speakers, people with disabilities and those with restricted diets
  • Optional opportunities for additional trainings before and after the event, both online and in person

Space is limited!

All we ask in return is for your passion, your participation and an optional donation to support the costs associated with the day and sponsor youth who otherwise would be unable to attend! However, space is limited, so please register now. If you are unable to attend the event in person but would still like to participate, you can register for Virtual ENACT Day at the same page, where we will work with you to use your email, telephone and social media accounts to tell your story and get your message across. Join us!

The ENACT Policy Agenda

ENACT Day covers 4 bills, including a Safe Routes to School National Partnership bill that addresses safer school zones. ENACT Day will also be the launch date for A Policy Platform for Health, Safety and Equity in California. Click here for more information about the ENACT Day 2014 policy agenda.

Become a Sponsor

Join these fantastic organizations in supporting safe and healthy communities! If your organization is interested in becoming an ENACT Day sponsor,  if you have any questions, or you would like to make a donation of any size to sponsor youth’s traveling costs, please email William Haar.

ENACT Day Sponsors

Prevention Institute
Strategic Alliance for Healthy Food & Activity Environments
The California Pan-Ethnic Health Network
California Center for Public Health Advocacy
California Convergence
California Food Policy Advocates
Public Health Institute
Safe Routes to School National Partnership
Berkeley Media Studies Group

 ENACT Day Co-Sponsor

California WIC Association

 ENACT Day Supporters

American Heart Association Western States Affiliate
Roots of Change
Greenling Institute
Coaching Corps

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