Did you miss anything? Inland Empire ATP and OPR Workshops

Thanks for attending the February 19th workshops in the Inland Empire on the Active Transportation Program (ATP) and Office of Research and Planning Environmental Goals and Policy Report (OPR EGPR). There were over 60 participants at the combined event and much fruitful conversations.

The joint workshops culminated in a productive dialogue on how regional agencies and the state can help the Inland Empire achieve its environmental, vehicle miles traveled, public health and greenhouse gas reduction goals. Cities and county agencies said that sharing data across silos and open data projects would help lower the barrier to updating plans and policies. A good example of state agencies working across departments with data is the CalEnviroscreen, a tool created by California Environment Protection Agency and Cal/EPA) and the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). This tool presents the nation’s first comprehensive screening methodology to identify California communities that are disproportionately burdened by multiple sources of pollution and presents the statewide results of the analysis using the screening tool. Similar collaborative and evaluation tools would be helpful to health, safety and implementation.  Also, participants in the joint workshops emphasized the value of coordination and integration, especially between government agencies and cities, as well as with stakeholders and community members. An important impact of Safe Routes to School grants in the region are noninfrastructure or education and outreach dollars in infrastructure grants. It provided meaningful community and stakeholder engagement to develop broader community feedback. Overall, participants were optimistic and eager to learn about new policies and funding guidelines.

If you missed the event, check out these links to presentations and notes. Additional comments can be sent also to the contacts below.

  • SCAG Active Transportation Program Overview, Sarah Jepson (Jepson@scag.ca.gov) (link)
  • Office of Planning of Research, Louise Bedsworth (ca.50m@opr.ca.gov) (link)
  • Notes from the February 19th workshops (link)

See our Safe Routes to School & Active Transportation Program Section for more information

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