Active Transportation Jobs in Southern CA!

SCAG Assistant/Associate/Senior Regional Planner – Public Health

Public Health is an emerging focus issue for SCAG as a result of the 2012-2035 Regional Transportation/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) process, during which new public health performance measures were first proposed for the region. Policy and strategy in the RTP/SCS principally impact public health through air quality and by providing opportunities for physical activity. The position will focus on identification of potential performance measures for better integrating public health considerations into local and regional planning. The position reports to the Manager of Active Transportation and Special Programs within the Land Use and Environmental Planning Division. The work of the public health regional planner will be guided by the recommendations of the Public Health Sub-Committee and will include developing a public health work program that complements and helps advance other agency initiatives related to active transportation, air quality, poverty, sustainability, and performance measurement.

SCAG Assistant/Associate/Senior Regional Planner – Active Transportation and Special Programs

Southern California’s 2012-2035 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) triples the region’s investment in active transportation as a key strategy for meeting regional mobility, public health and environmental goals. This position will focus on implementing the Active Transportation elements of the RTP/SCS, in collaboration with county transportation commissions and local agencies, by supporting various funding and planning efforts. The position reports to the Manager of Active Transportation & Special Programs Department within the Land Use and Environmental Planning Division. The position will be responsible for developing and implementing a regional Active Transportation grant program in collaboration with the county transportation commissions and other stakeholders, and pursuant to Senate Bill 99 and the Statewide Active Transportation Program Guidelines. Other duties will be in support of various department programs including the management of Sustainability Program consultant contracts, implementation of joint-work programs with the county transportation commissions, and research and analysis to support planning and policy development in the areas of public health, water and energy.

Los Angeles DOT – Project Coordinator Bicycle Program

The Project Coordinator receives direction from the Senior Project Coordinator of LADOT’s Bicycle Program. The central goal of the Bicycle Program is to make bicycling a viable mode of transportation to the citizens of Los Angeles through expanded bicycle awareness, planning, outreach, education, and usage. This is accomplished through the administration of grants, facilities planning, public outreach, agency partnerships, and focused marketing and advertising initiatives.


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