New resources on SRTS & ATP funding!

You’ve been hearing from us a lot about the Active Transportation Program lately – that’s because $360 million in grants to communities across the state will be awarded this year!  The first call for applications is coming up quickly. Caltrans will begin accepting applications on March 21 and the deadline for applications for the majority of the $360 million is MAY 21, 2014.

The National Partnership has been working hard to bring you valuable resources to help your community prepare good ATP project applications.  Since we no longer have a separate Safe Routes to School Program, the ATP is now the main source of funding for Safe Routes to School grants.

We have created a series of new pages on our website with all you need to know about the ATP and start preparing your application TODAY!  Read up on our resources, attend an upcoming workshop or webinar, and contact us directly if you still have questions – we’re here to help.

SRTS_MKE_IMG_8864-1All you ever wanted to know about the ATP can be found on our new resources pages:

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