City of Los Angeles to develop a Comprehensive Complete Streets Report

NYC – Prospect Park West – Before & After According to NYCDOT, the retrofitting of Prospect Park West has led to the 16% decrease in crashes, the tripling of weekday cycling, and shorter crossing times for pedestrians. photo: New York City Department of Transportation

Last week the City of Los Angeles Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee introduced a Complete Streets Motion that instructed the Department of Public Works, with the assistance of the Planning Department, Transportation Department, the City Attorney, City Administrative Officer (CAO), Chief Legislative Analyst and stakeholder groups be instructed to prepare and present a comprehensive report on Complete Streets that sets forth the following:

  1. Identifies the elements that comprise “complete street” enhancements;
  2. Develops a “complete street” definition, or definitions depending on place;
  3. Develops a “complete street” framework to establish City Policy and guidance to City departments responsible for improvements and maintenance of City streets and sidewalks to complement the City’s Mobility Element;
  4. Identifies ways to integrate complete streets, green streets and great streets;
  5. Identifies fiscal resources need to initiate a “complete street” framework; and
  6. Identifies appropriate metrics;
  7. Identifies the entities responsible and liable for repairing and maintaining infrastructure.

Thanks to the leadership of Los Angeles City Council member Felipe Fuentes from Council District 7 for presenting this motion. The next step is a comprehensive report back to the Public Works, Energy and Environment, Budget and Finance, Transportation, Planning Committees.  See the full motion here.

Thanks to our partners at Pacoima Beautiful for sharing this exciting news with us!

2 Responses to City of Los Angeles to develop a Comprehensive Complete Streets Report

  1. Three lanes became two and some consultant got paid for this progress? all paint no hat! #CaRoads

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