How CicLAvia is changing the way we talk about transportation

This past weekend Los Angeles Times writer Christopher Hawthorne published a thought provoking perspective on how “CicLAvia closes a few streets to cars but can open the city’s mind.”

It’s always interesting to read the latest takes on the Los Angeles Region and transportation in the media.  Some stories are critical, some positive, and some in between, but this one stood out as one of the clearest articulations on why all travelers – regardless of mode matter in our transportation policies and investments are a key part of the region’s success. It embodied what a Los Angeles Regional Complete Streets Policy could support.  Hawthorne encourages to value the opportunities CicLAvia brings to drop the divisions so often debated in the LA Region’s transportation conversations  — between cyclist and driver, driver and pedestrian, pedestrian and cyclist (not to mention bus riders) — and to be together on our open streets during cicLAvia and see things from others perspective.  Hawthorne writes that these opportunities lend themselves to allow community members to view and experience our transportation and mobility goals differently, suggesting congestion no longer be the singularly valued transportation metric but begin to see other means of which to measure the success of accessibility and mobility in the region.

“New transit lines may or may not alleviate traffic, depending on how and where they are built; the research on that score is mixed. But the goal of a better light-rail, bus and subway network in Los Angeles is not to make life easier for drivers. It is to offer new ways to get around a crowded region. And to expand the number of options in a city that has always placed a high value on individual freedom of choice.”

Mark your calendars for Sunday April 6th the next CicLAvia in Los Angeles.  Want to learn how you can help cicLAvia come to other parts of Los Angeles County?  Attend the Metro Open Streets Workshop on January 29th, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM on the 15th floor, contact Fayma Ishaq: for more information.

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