Preparing for California’s 2014 Active Transportation Program Call for Projects

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Now is a great time for communities in California to begin identifying Safe Routes to School, Walking and Bicycling projects in preparation for the Active Transportation Program March 2014 Statewide Call for projects.  Likely there will be a tight turn around for jurisdictions to prepare applications, so we encourage communities to start working on their proposals now.

To learn more about this process the key resource is:

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership team is working statewide and in Sacramento to support implementation of this program and get the word out to all our partners about this funding source and timeline for applications. Please feel free to contact any California National Partnership staff: Jeanie, Marty, Jessica, Pauline and Rye and visit our SRTSNP California ATP page for more information.

Key deadlines to keep in mind:

  • Jan 22nd – Hearing (Los Angeles, Metro Building)
  • January 29th – Hearing North
  • February 3rd – Submitted to Budget Committee
  • March 20th – Commission Adopts Guidelines
  • March 21st – Call for Projects
  • May 21st – Applications due to Caltrans

Eligible Project Proposals:

  • Walk/Bike and SRTS Infrastructure Projects
  • Walk/Bike and SRTS Non-infrastructure Projects (Not just SRTS)
  • Walk/Bike and SRTS Infrastructure projects with non-infrastructure components.
  • Walk/Bike and SRTS Planning Funds (Plans may be required in future years)

Draft Scoring Criteria for Projects (to be finalized March 2014):

  • 30 pts. – Potential to increase bicycling and walking, especially among students
  • 25 pts. – Potential to reduce injuries and fatalities of those walking and bicycling
  • 15 pts. – Public Participation and Planning
  • 10 pts. – Cost effectiveness
  • 10 pts. – Improve public health by focusing on areas with high risk factors
  • 10 pts. – Benefit a disadvantaged communities
  • 0 to 5 pts. Deducted if the Conservation Corps is not included
  • 0 to 10 pts – Deducted if the applicant has poor performance on past applications

Because this is the first year of the new consolidated Active Transportation Program, timelines are exceptionally tight. We recommend all partners start discussing now on what they plan to propose for funding to prepare for the Call for Projects in March 2014 and then submission of proposals in May 2014.

Attend a upcoming workshop for Southern California Partners on March 4th, Register today!

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