Lancaster’s City Wide Safe Routes to School Plan

The City of Lancaster and Antelope Valley Partners for Health, in partnership with the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health, is embarking on a visionary project to improve the health and safety of the children of the Antelope Valley community – the creation of a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Master Plan! This plan builds on complete streets initiatives and the City’s Master Plan for Trails and Bikeways to improve public health and expand opportunities for incorporating physical activity into the daily lives of the City’s residents.

When finished this plan will provide infrastructure improvement recommendations and programmatic opportunities for all of Lancaster’s schools. This forward thinking plan will also position the city to compete for California Safe Routes to School funding opportunities from the new Active Transportation Program and will serve as a model for other Southern California cities.

To date the planning effort has completed walk audits at about a dozen schools, explaining the “5 E’s” of a good SRTS program, identifying areas near the schools where engineering improvements or better enforcement may be necessary, and engaging each of the school communities (staff, parents, and students) for education and encouragement activities. In addition, parent/student surveys at the first 6 schools have been completed asking how students get to school and the reasons that they may not walk or bike. 

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