December Southern California Network Call

Please join us Thursday, December 12th via conference call from 10-11 am for our Safe Routes to School Southern California Network meeting.  All are welcome and invited to join. Please note, we hold these meetings monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 10-11 am.

This month’s special topic: Land Use Best Practice – Fresno’s General Plan Update from Keith Bergthold, Asst. Planning Director City of Fresno

Details: Thursday, December 12th from 10-11 am
Conference Call Number: 866-394-4146
Guest Code: 878934528#*4 mute/unmute
If you missed the call, you can access the notes here.

Agenda (subject to change):

1. Welcome, Introductions (5 mins)

  • Active Transportation New Years Resolutions

2. Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center (TARC) Update (5 mins)

3. Regional and County Updates (20 mins)

  • SCAG Update (Alan Thompson/Sarah Jepson, SCAG)

    • Outlook for 2014
  • Los Angeles (Jessica Meaney, SRTSNP Staffer) 

    • Reminder of January 8th Countywide Active Transportation Forum
    • Streetsblog Jobs
  • San Bernardino (Pauline Chow, SRTSNP)

  • Riverside (Pauline Chow, SRTSNP)

4. Fresno’s General Plan Update (Keith Bergthold, Asst. Planning Director City of Fresno) 

5. State and Federal Transportation Funding Educational Update (5 mins) (Pauline Chow, SRTSNP Staffer)

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