Healthy Communities Indicators Released!

Welcome to the State of CaliforniaDetermining the health of our communities and comparing investment scenarios is difficult without standardized tools. In order to expand opportunities to expand health metrics in our regional modeling processes the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) funded the California Department of Public Health and the University of California, San Francisco to create the Healthy Communities Indicators based on the Healthy Communities Framework. This framework was developed by the SGC Health in All Policies Task Force with extensive public discussion and input from community stakeholders and public health organizations.

While eventually the SGC hopes to develop all 50 indicators in the Framework, they have release an initial batch of 14 that use existing data sources. The hope is that Metropolitan Planning Organizations, cities and counties will adopt these indicators when projecting the benefits of new projects and plans.

The Healthy Communities Indicators include:

  1. Annual miles traveled per capita by mode
  2. Percent of residents’ mode of transportation to work
  3. Number and rate of road traffic injuries per population and miles traveled by mode
  4. Percent of population aged 16 years or older walking and biking 10 or more minutes daily to work
  5. Percent of residents within 1/2 mile of park, beach, open space, coastline
  6. Modified retail food environment index
  7. Living wage and percent of families with incomes below the living wage
  8. Gini coefficient of income inequality
  9. High school or greater educational attainment in the population aged 25 years or greater
  10. Rate of violent crime by type
  11. Average weekly cost of a market basket of food items relative to income
  12. Number of unhealthy ozone days
  13. Average levels of fine airborne particulate pollution (PM2.5)
  14. Percent of households within 1/2 mile of major transit stop with a headway of 15 minutes or less during peak commute hours (updated)

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