First round of ATP guidelines meetings wrap up

ATP Fact SheetThe California Transportation Commission (CTC) convened five open meetings around the state in October and November to discuss a slate of issues for the Active Transportation Program Guidelines.  Local government and MPO staff, active transportation advocates, public health department staff, and other interested stakeholders weighed in on their preferences for what the guidelines should include and what the process should be for awarding projects at the state and MPO levels.

Safe Routes to School National Partnership staff participated in all of the guidelines meetings to date and are working with a statewide coalition to submit written recommendations to the CTC.

CTC staff will work with Caltrans to draft the guidelines over the next month, and will provide an update at the Dec 12 CTC meeting in Riverside. Following the release of the draft guidelines in December or January, there will be another opportunity for public input.  The final guidelines must be submitted to the Legislature for review before they are adopted by the CTC in March 2014.

Keep an eye on this space for our key comments to the CTC, coming soon.  Please share your concerns or ideas with us anytime for the Active Transportation Program.

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