Metro Adopts Policy: 40% of Toll Road Revenue to fund active transportation projects


Eric Bruins, Tafarai Bayne, Lauren Grabowski, Laura Santos, Andres Ramirez, Javier Hernandez, and Jessica Meaney  provided public testimony at Oct 24 Metro Board Meeting

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership and Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition have been working together with community based organizations, cities and public agencies, school districts, business leaders and elected officials over the past year and a half to raise awareness on transportation financing for active transportation in Los Angeles County. (See our County priorities and policy recommendations here)

Today Metro Board Directors took a promising step forward to begin addressing increased funds for active transportation by approving a Toll Road Revenue Allocation Plan that targets 40% of revenues generated to be invested in active transportation projects within 3 miles of the I-110 and I-10 corridors.

We are excited to see Metro’s sustainability planning policy applied to investment decisions. This is critical in ensuring that communities members and all travelers along the Express Lanes corridors benefit from these projects from congestion reduction, improved safety and access, transportation options, and air quality/environmental improvements.

A big thanks to Metro Board Directors and staff for this step forward. And also a big thanks to our partners at Bike San Gabriel Valley, Community Health Councils, Basset Unified School District, City of Carson, and Trust South Los Angeles for attending these policy meetings to support this new funding source for safe routes to school and walking and bicycling projects along these corridors, it is estimated that this will generate $4.2 million to $5.2 million for these active transportation investments for 2014.

We expect Metro to issue a Call for Projects from these funds in early 2014 we encourage our partners to start prepping their project scopes now for this call.

2 Responses to Metro Adopts Policy: 402 of Toll Road Revenue to fund active transportation projects

  1. Anything happening in Monterey County, and/or San Benito County, California?

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