SRTS CA webinar featuring Linking Health in All Policies and Active Transportation

Please join us for a Safe Routes to School CA webinar 

Thursday, October 24 from 9-10am PST

Linking Health in All Policies & Active Transportation
Regional Planning vs. Funding: Action Plan priorities

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Join public health and transportation professionals around the state for our monthly statewide meeting. This month includes a presentation from CDPH on integrating health across sectors – especially active transportation programs like Safe Routes to School and SRTSNP will gather input from participants on California’s program direction.

Linking Health in All Policies & Active Transportation

People are healthier when they have the option to safely walk, bicycle, or take public transit to school, work, and essential destinations. Policy decisions made by “non-health” agencies play a major role in shaping environments. To make sure that health is a factor in policy we need a collaborative approach. Health In All Policies (HiAP) aims to improve health by incorporating health considerations into decision making in all sectors and policy areas. See agenda below.

Active Transportation plays a vital role in HiAP. Learn more about California Department of Public Health’s plan!

Lianne Dillon, Research Scientist, Public Health Institute, California Department of Public Health

Does regional planning trump funding? Action plan priorities

In 2012 the Safe Routes to School National Partnership responded to an urgent need to assist California cities in spending Safe Routes to School grants that had been awarded but fell by the wayside. The Partnership’s work was pivotal and resulted in dozens of successful projects across the state. Today we face new challenges as a new budget (ATP) is implemented and we see needs at the regional level. As we phase in new priorities we would like your input:

What are your challenges – immediate and big picture?
What resources can the Partnership provide for you?
How can we be the link with Caltrans/CTC to improve the funding process?

Presenter: Jeanie Ward-Waller, Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center Update

Presenter: Kendra Bridges, SRTS Technical Assistance Resource Center

Call-in instructions will be emailed to you upon registration.

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