Sacramento intersection slated for improvements where teens advocated for safe crossing

Great news out of Sacramento yesterday in follow up to a heart-wrenching story that was highlighted at the Safe Routes to School National Conference.  From our partners at WALKSacramento, who were instrumental turning tragedy into a future safe route to school:
Michelle Murigi

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Yesterday Sacramento City Councilman Kevin McCarty and the Sacramento City Unified School District announced plans for a new traffic signal at the corner of 58th Street and Fruitridge, three blocks south of West Campus High School.

This is the location where, on January 19, 2012, West Campus student Michelle Murigi, 16, was hit by a car while she walked in the crosswalk across Fruitridge Road.  She died from her injuries, leaving heartbreak and loss for her family, schoolmates, and the community at large.  Ironically, Michelle was well aware of the dangers to pedestrians in that area, and had recently completed a video voice project about how dangerous it was to cross at that intersection.

The announcement for the new signal is great news to the Safe Routes to School community nationwide, following the screening of a video created by Vanessa Hernandez at the Safe Routes to School National Conference. Moved by Vanessa’s video and the tragedy of Michelle’s passing, conference participants added hundreds of signatures to the petition started by high school friends of Michelle asking the City of Sacramento to fix dangerous conditions at 58th and Fruitridge.

Read the full story from WALKSacramento:

Read the coverage in the Sacramento Bee yesterday:

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