First Meeting of the Ventura County Bicycle Coalition!

The National Partnership would like to share an invitation from our partners at VCCOOL and the Ventura Bicycle Union!

bike_fist.jpgYou are formally invited to the first Meeting of the Ventura County Coalition.

When: Saturday August 17th,  2 P.M. Sharp (Arrive early for refreshments)

Where: VCCOOL Office 505 Poli St. , Ventura, CA 93001 (go behind Ventura City Hall) Up the Elevator to the 4th floor Conference Room.


1.)    Introduce VCCool/HUB/VBU

2.)    Why do we need a county-wide coalition

3.)    Individual introductions – Council Circle

4.)    Quick Power Analysis

5.)    Issues/Projects List Examples

        a.      SCAG– city-by-city funding Survey

        b.      Cap/Trade money for Active Transit needed

        c.       Complete Streets Committees

        d.      Letter to SCAG about more staff for the Active Transportation

6.)    Other Issues/Projects (Bring your favorite County-Coalition project ideas)

7.)    How do we make Decisions?

8.)    Keeper of the Torch (phone/central database/notes-dissemination/accepting funds/staff)

9.)    How does the work get done? (Do we want a nag?)

10.) Do we want to be an “Active Transportation Coalition?” instead of just bicycles? And why?

11.) What two items can we (the coalition) do before our next meeting?

12.) When/Where is our next meeting?

13.) Closing Question

If you are unable to attend but would like to be involved please send the following information to Tobias Smith (

*A quick Bio about yourself and your involvement w/bikes.

*Also could you send me issues that you care about that involve the 3 main countycoalition principles (1. Policies and Funding that affect the whole county, and facilities that can be repeated throughout the whole county, and/or 3. Issues that are outside of city influence)

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