Assemblymember Richard Pan highlights need for Safe Routes


Last Friday, Assemblymember Richard Pan joined with WALKSacramento, the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, staff from the Elk Grove Unified School District and the principal, parents, and students of Anna Kirchgater Elementary School in South Sacramento to conduct a walk audit of the road conditions around the school.  Kirchgater Elementary is the recipient of a Safe Routes to School grant that will install sidewalks on a very busy arterial route to school where children currently walk in a ditch to avoid the high speed traffic near the school.  Dr. Pan spoke to the parents and students, as well as neighboring community members, about their safety concerns on the roads near the school as they walked the worst section to see the conditions first-hand.

Dr. Pan also highlighted the importance of protecting and continuing funding for the state Safe Routes to School Program, which is currently threatened by a proposal by Governor Jerry Brown.  This spring, the Governor’s budget proposes to eliminate dedicated funding for Safe Routes to School at a time when the program continues to be desperately needed in communities across California.  Assembly Bill 1194, which Dr. Pan co-authors, will ensure that Safe Routes to School continues in California and is up for vote on the Assembly floor this week.

Summary of the walk audit with Dr. Pan on WALKSacramento’s website:

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