Join a Focus Group in Los Angeles on Climate Change and Health!


The California Department of Public Health is working on a project to better understand how informal community leaders think about community health and climate change as a public health issue, with support from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. Results of these focus groups will be used to develop messages and communications strategies on climate change as a public health issue that can be used to educate, inform and involve diverse communities around the state about this critical issue.

 FOCUS GROUPS will be held in Los Angeles in English and Spanish May 20.

DPH is looking for people in  who are seen as informal “COMMUNITY HEALTH LEADERS” and are involved in community health efforts.WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?

  • Members of the public who are involved in efforts to promote health in their community through group membership, volunteering, etc.
  • Informal/unofficial leaders who are concerned about and active in healthy community efforts


DPH requests your assistance in identifying and recruiting focus group participants by:

  • Distributing CDPH recruitment materials to members/networks (fliers in English/Spanish below/attached).cid:image002.png@01CE4032.F1E719C0
  • Making direct referrals if you have contacts, members, or community leaders who might be interested in participating.
  • Sharing our fliers on your social media networks (Facebook, twitter, etc.)

Thank you for your assistance with this project and for your ongoing commitment to improving public health in your community!

One Response to Join a Focus Group in Los Angeles on Climate Change and Health!

  1. Rachel Morris says:


    -Rachel Morris

    VCCool Executive Director

    office (805)641-2665

    cell (805)258-9369

    VCCool is a Climate Change Action Group dedicated to engaging the people of Ventura to reduce greenhouse gasses. We strive to influence policy, provide tools and expertise for lifestyle change, support a localized green economy, and foster a grass-roots community that supports sustainable living.

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