55 Organizations ask Governor Brown for 15% of Cap-and-Trade for active transportation!

A letter to Governor Brown this week, signed by 55 organizations in California, requested that 15% of transportation-related cap-and-trade auction revenues be dedicated to walking and bicycling programs.

The California Air Resources Board released its three year Draft Investment Plan (DIP) on April 16, which outlines a proposal for how California should spend revenues generated by Cap-and-Trade. Thanks to the countless voices that have pledged their support for active transportation, the plan lists Safe Routes to School and the Bicycle Transportation Account as eligible recipients for this funding!  In mid-May, Governor Jerry Brown’s administration will outline in the May Revise of the state Budget allocations for cap-and-trade revenue to specific projects and programs.

A sign-on letter lead by the California Bicycle Coalition, California WALKS, and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership with supporting signatures from 52 other organizations was sent to the Governor’s office this week.  The letter outlined the importance of active transportation infrastructure to encouraging reduction of car vehicle-miles traveled and resulting greenhouse-gas emissions, as well as other safety, health, and community co-benefits.  Based on the great potential of walking and bicycling to contribute to sustainable communities in California, the letter recommended that at least 15% of transportation-related cap-and-trade revenues be invested in Safe Routes to School, the Pedestrian Transportation Account, and the Bicycle Transportation Account.

Stay tuned for an update on whether the Administration took these concerns to heart when the May budget revise is released in two weeks.

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