Los Angeles County Active Transportation Coalition attends Metro Policy Meeting

Los Angeles County leaders speak out for walking, bicycling and safe routes to school and complete streets in Los Angeles County at LAC Metro Policy Meeting 4.17.13

The Los Angeles County Active Transportation Coalition is launched and is excitedly taking its first steps! Join us!

Today partners from across the Los Angeles County region, representing Long Beach, Downey, El Monte, South Los Angeles, and organizations like Community Health Councils, Cali Bike Tours, Bike San Gabriel Valley, Advancement Project, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health provided testimony at Metro Policy and Programming committee in support of efforts to increase funding for walking, bicycling, safe routes to school and complete streets efforts in Los Angeles County.

This group is coming together in support of increasing Los Angeles County Transportation investments for walking and bicycling projects past the 1% allocated in the County 2009 Transportation plan (Metro 2009 LRTP, p.15).  With close to 20% of all trips in the County (2009 NHTS data) on foot or bicycle, and close to 40% of the roadway deaths (2010 SWITRS data) people out walking and bicycling, organizations and individuals are coming together to speak out to address and change this.

Los Angeles is a county that walks and bicycles to school, to the bus, to the store, to the cafe, work and more (2009 NHTS data), but the transportation policy and investments are not yet fully supporting multi-modal travel.  At today’s Metro Policy and Programming Committee meeting there was a staff report back on a February Board Motion on Enhancing Active Transportation in Los Angeles County, and supporters to see Metro increase multi-modal investments attended the policy committee meeting to encourage board members to do more.

Key Takeaways from Staff Report and 4/17/13 Motion:

  • Metro Board members increased funding for the pedestrian mode in the 2013 Call for Project from 7.5% to 10%.
  • Metro is moving forward with creating a complete streets policy for consideration by the Metro Board in late Fall 2013. (see agenda item #16, response to motion item 3)

Next Steps:

Join the Los Angeles County Active Transportation Coalition – all welcome.  Kindly email Jessica Meaney to be added to our LAC email list and receive updates on efforts and opportunities.  In the next several months we hope to:

  • Convene a work group on equity in Transportation in Los Angeles County (late May 2013)
  • Convene a breakfast meeting for Los Angeles County Elected on Complete Streets and Safe Routes to School in Los Angeles County (summer 2013)
  • Support capacity building and best practice spotlights/sharing on existing Los Angeles County efforts to improve walking, bicycling and riding Metro and safe routes to school (on-going)
  • Provide comments on Metro’s upcoming 2014 Budget – (public hearing May 15th)
  • Support a robust and comprehensive Metro Complete Streets Policy/Implementation Plan (May – December)
  • Raise awareness on transportation finance in Los Angeles County (on-going)
  • See our recent executive summary here, and let us know your thoughts – what are we missing?
  • Check out the flickr pictures from today!

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