April state network meeting: SRTS and Complete Streets on regional level

Join us for the April Safe Routes to School State Network Meeting on Thursday, April 25th from 9-10am.  This month’s meeting will focus on regional level collaboration on Safe Routes to School and Complete Streets.  We will also be sharing announcements on upcoming events and news on state policy changes that will impact Safe Routes to School.   Please join us! 

Thursday, April 25th from 9-10 am
Conference call # 866-394-4146

Participant code 553816012#, Mute/unmute *4


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Monthly Update from the SRTS Technical Assistance Resource Center – Kendra Bridges (CA Department of Public Health)
  3. Complete Streets policies in the Bay Area – Marty Martinez (SRTSNP) and Andy Peri (Marin County Bicycle Coalition)
  4. Regional Safe Routes to School in the SACOG region – Terry Preston (WALK Sacramento)
  5. Update on proposed state program changes and impact to SRTS – Marty Martinez (SRTSNP)
  6. Announcements, next meeting

Next Meeting: May 23rd 9-10am.  (Note, we hold these meetings monthly on the 4th Thursday of the month from 9-10am.)

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