SCAG to Approve 2013-2014 Budget: Support Funding for Active Transportation Planning!

Sign on to support $1 million in funding for Active Transportation Planning at SCAG! (Comment Letter) (Sign On)

Each year the Southern California Association of Governments Approves its operating budget and its Overall Work Program for the coming year.  While SCAG does not directly control funding for infrastructure projects, it does manage approximately $42 million per year in planning funding to oversee its operations as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the six counties of Imperial, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles and Ventura.  Much of this funding is used to create the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) every four years and to support SCAG’s modeling efforts throughout the region.

Last year, Hasan Ikhrata (SCAG’s Executive Director) promised that the agency would create an active transportation division with 3 full time staff members and a $1 million annual budget (see our earlier blog post).  In addition, the agency committed to running a subcommittee process to guide implementation of the 2012 RTP/SCS process.  The Public Health, Active Transportation, and Sustainability subcommittees each adopted their policy platforms which will move forward through the committee process at SCAG.

The policy platforms developed by the subcommittees and the input provided during public comment during the 2012 RTP/SCS process emphasize the need for SCAG to expand its expertise and capacity regarding active transportation planning.  The Draft 2013-2014 OWP provides approximately $1 million dollars to do so.  The Safe Routes to School National Partnership in partnership with Move LA, the American Lung Association in California, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, the Coalition for Clean Air will be submitting a comment letter supporting SCAG’s efforts to increase planning capacity for active transportation.

If your organization would like to sign on to support SCAG allocating funding for active transportation planning please follow this link.  Sign ons are due by COB 4/5/13.

For any questions or comments please email

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