March state network: Highway safety funding for your SRTS project

Join us for the March Safe Routes to School State Network Meeting on Thursday, March 28th from 9-10am.  Ted Davini from Caltrans Local Assistance will give a quick overview on preparing Safe Routes to School projects for the Highway Safety Improvement Program call for projects next month and taking questions. We will also be sharing announcements on upcoming events and news on state policy changes that will impact Safe Routes to School.   Please join us! 

Thursday, March 28th from 9-10 am
Please register in advance (call-in info will be emailed with your confirmation):


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Monthly Update from the SRTS Technical Assistance Resource Center – Kendra Bridges (CA Department of Public Health)
  3. Highway Safety Improvement Program: funding opportunity for SRTS projects – Ted Davini (Caltrans Safety Program Coordinator)
  4. Upcoming Events – Healthy by Design: Creating Neighborhoods that Promote Wellness – Sarah de Guia (California Pan-Ethnic Health Network)
  5. Update on proposed state program changes and impact to SRTS – Jeanie Ward-Waller (SRTSNP)
  6. Announcements, next meeting

Next Meeting: April 25th 9-10am.  (Note, we hold these meetings monthly on the 4th Thursday of the month from 9-10am.)

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