The next meeting of the Bay Area Health in Transportation (BAHT) Collaborative is coming up next Wednesday, March 20 at 10 a.m.!

We’ll cover a new study on the health co-benefits of active transportation in the Bay Area; and Santa Clara County Public Health Department’s efforts to improve the built environment. 
Thank you for joining the Bay Area Health in Transportation Collaborative (BAHT) — and being part of improving health and transportation in the Bay Area!
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What happened on our last call:

Nancy McGuckin, Travel Behavior Analyst, is a senior adviser and consultant to Federal, State, and local public agencies and private clients. She presented on a recent report on Travel to School in California that has been completed using the California Add-on to the National Household Travel Survey. The survey included a special module to elicit information about travel to school by children 5-15 years old. The report details the findings of the safe routes to school module and identifies how walking to school plays a key component in children’s daily activity and acts as an anchor for daily walking overall.  Presentation here:  Safe Routes to School in California for BAHT.

What will happen on our call next week:

Sean Co, a planner for active transportation with the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), will present on recent research titled “Health Cobenefits and Transportation-Related Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the San Francisco Bay Area,” the study looks at how ongoing efforts in the Bay Area to reduce reliance on automobiles might produce beneficial side effects for the region’s public health. By relying more on their own two legs and less on four-wheeled vehicles, Bay Area residents would see measurable reductions in chronic conditions like obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes — as well as a reduction in premature deaths. Almost all of the public health benefits (99 percent, in fact) are attributable to increased physical activity levels rather than to decreased air pollution. More information can be found here:

We will also hear from Susan Stuart. Susan is a Health Planner in the Center for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department where she provides support to communities creating healthier food and physical activity environments.She serves on the County General Plan Health Element Work Group and the Grand Boulevard Initiative Community Leaders Roundtable. She holds master’s degrees in Public Health and Latin American Studies from UCLA. Susan will discuss Santa Clara County Public Health Department’s active transportation and Safe Routes to School efforts. She will talk about the new County General Plan Health Element as well as environmental and policy change strategies pursued in cities and school districts through the support of the CDC funded Communities Putting Prevention to Work Obesity Prevention Initiative.

Please invite others to get on the list for future meetings and information about BAHT. If you have questions or concerns please contact us at the numbers and email addresses listed below.

Marty Martinez of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership

(415) 637-6488

Chris Lepe from TransForm

(408) 406-8074

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