California Endowment Survey Shows Voters Value Health Communities

The California Endowment LogoCalifornians strongly support policies which combat obesity by improving the health and wellness of their communities. A 2012 poll of 1184 California registered voters found that the general public recognizes the seriousness of obesity and backs actions to combat the epidemic. In fact, minority communities that carry the greatest burden of illness and costs from obesity-related conditions showed the greatest support for many of these policies. The California Endowment Childhood Obesity Prevention Survey was interested in the percentages of California voters who support efforts to expand school gardens, implement healthy school meals, and ensure fresh, free drinking water is available to students. Turns out, the majority of Californians want to live in healthy communities!

Interesting findings include:

  • 68% of voters favor a soda tax if proceeds are devoted to improving school nutrition and expanding school physical activity programs.
  • 78% of voters favor promoting policies and funding to attract farmers markets and supermarkets selling fresh produce in low income neighborhoods.
  • 74% of voters favor promoting policies and funding to build community gardens and urban farms in cities.
  • 71% of voters support enforcing school nutrition standards that limit the types of unhealthy foods and beverages allowed to be sold on school grounds.

Click here to read more of the California Endowment study.


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