The next meeting of the Bay Area Health in Transportation (BAHT) Collaborative is coming up next Wednesday, February 20 at 10 a.m.!

The next meeting of the Bay Area Health in Transportation (BAHT) Collaborative is coming up next Wednesday, February 20 at 10 a.m.!


What happened on our last call:

We heard from Dalila A. Butler, Program Coordinator for the Prevention Institute, who shared strategies to address the intersection of violence and chronic disease as well as examples of community initiatives that have built effective multi-field partnerships and have successfully changed and sustained environments that foster health and safety. Presentation here.

What will happen this month:

Nancy McGuckin, Travel Behavior Analyst, is a senior advisor and consultant to Federal, State, and local public agencies and private clients. She will present on a recent report on Travel to School in California that has been completed using the California Add-on to the National Household Travel Survey. The survey included a special module to elicit information about travel to school by children 5-15 years old. The report details the findings of the safe routes to school module and identifies how walking to school plays a key component in children’s daily activity and acts as an anchor for daily walking overall.

Nancy will be emphasizing some of the data critical for Bay Area advocates and policy makers to understand for our region. It is a critical time to invest in the next generation of active schoolchildren. Affordable, healthy, and sustainable—walking and biking to school are critical components of transportation in the state and region. Planners and policy makers need better information on the characteristics of walking and biking, and performance measures for developing safe and livable communities that encourage walking and biking by all ages.

Please invite others to get on the list for future meetings and information about BAHT. If you have questions or concerns please contact us at the numbers and email addresses listed below.


Marty & Chris

Marty Martinez of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership

(415) 637-6488

Chris Lepe from TransForm

(408) 406-8074

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