Two job postings from our partners!

See the descriptions below from the American Heart Association and the Solano County Department of Public Health and click the links to apply!

American Heart Association – Communications Manager

The Communications Manager plans, develops and directs all communications activities for the American Heart Association’s collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to reverse childhood obesity by 2015. The Communications Manager will report directly to the National EVP of Communications and serves as the lead communications staff person on this RWJF-funded initiative.  This position develops strategic communications and public relations plans on a national level, optimizing opportunities to broaden the public’s understanding of the Advocacy Organization’s issues and priorities to reverse childhood obesity through planned communications, as well as in response to opportunities that present themselves with the media.  This position directs all collaboration and coordination with RWJF and AHA Communications Staff in those cases where crisis communications response is needed. This is a full-time, grant funded, benefit eligible position.  The location for this position is flexible.

Solano County Public Health – Senior Health Education Specialist

Senior Health Education Specialist position, working with Solano County Public Health, in our Health Promotion & Community Wellness Bureau, will be responsible for implementing the Community Transformation Initiative chronic disease prevention scopes of work, across the four strategic directions of: smoke-free multi-unit housing, safe routes to school, clinical-community linkages for chronic disease prevention, and reducing access to sugar-sweetened beverages.  We are looking for a senior level, experienced health educator, who has specific experience advancing Public Health related public policies and corresponding community mobilization strategies.  Interested individuals must apply through the link above at the Solano County Human Resources Department.


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