10% jump in California kids walking since 2001!

walktoschooltrendgraphicSafe Routes to School is getting kids moving in California!  A new analysis of the California add-on to the National Household Travel Survey by travel behavior analyst Nancy McGuckin and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership revealed some impressive statewide travel to school trends:

• Twenty-six to thirty-one percent of children in California walk or bicycle to school, more than twice the national average

• Children that walk to school make twice as many walking trips for all purposes than children that travel to school by other means

• Nearly two-thirds of school aged children in California live within two miles of their school, but of those children, a greater percentage are driven and fewer ride a school bus than the national average

• Socioeconomic disparities reflect stark differences in travel to school patterns – African-American and Latino children, and children from lower-income households, are more likely to walk or bicycle to school

Key findings from the report, which will be released soon and was generously supported by Active Living Research, are summarized in a policy brief by the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.  The policy brief also breaks down safety data from the last decade, which shows that safety for kids walking and bicycling in California is improving over the same period that they are increasing walking rates.  These trends indicate that Safe Routes to School is making a huge impact on getting kids moving and keeping them safe in communities around the state!

Read more in a new blog by active transportation reporter and veteran SF Streetsblog editor Bryan Goebel.

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