In New York City, SRTS has Greatly Reduced Child Injuries

natl-partnership-logoColumbia University researchers seeking to determine the effectiveness of SRTS interventions throughout New York City recently revealed some exciting results! Their study analyzed the implementation of interventions at more than 120 schools aimed at reducing pedestrian injury, such as installing new traffic and pedestrian signals and creating high visibility crosswalks. The researchers found that the annual rate of injury to pedestrians ages 5-19 in NYC fell 44% during the peak times for walking to school in neighborhoods where the SRTS safety program was implemented but did not drop in other places of the city where a similar program was not in place. Their data show that interventions to increase the safety of the built environment can greatly reduce injuries to children.

However, the current federal transportation bill, MAP-21, removes dedicated funding to the SRTS program. It is now one of many possible programs eligible for funding based on state and local priorities.  The study’s lead author, Charles DiMaggio, argues that this makes it “even more important to evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of programs like Safe Routes to School.”

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One Response to In New York City, SRTS has Greatly Reduced Child Injuries

  1. Cedrick says:

    Columbia University is doing a great job in promoting safety among children, SRTS could be a solution to lessen pedestrian accidents.

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