Help Secure Cap and Trade Funding for Bicycling and Walking!

Please sign this petition by Transform to encourage the Governor to dedicate cap and trade revenues to improve bicycle and pedestrian networks!

Walkable Downtown Lancaster

Investments in walking and bicycling, in coordination with transit and land use investments, offer cost effective opportunities to implement AB 32 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in California.  Comprehensive bicycling and multi-use trail networks, first and last mile connections to transit, Safe Routes to School programs, and the creation of walkable neighborhoods through new and in-fill development can reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT), reduce GHG emissions and improve the health of Californians.

Revenue from our greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program offers an opportunity to leverage innovative climate policy into concrete economic, health, and environmental benefits for Californians. State law directs this funding to be spent in ways that reduce greenhouse gases and mitigate disproportionate impacts on disadvantaged communities and households. Projects and programs that increase walking, biking, public transportation, and affordable housing near transit will accomplish all of these goals effectively and efficiently.


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