$18B statewide needs for bike and pedestrian infrastructure in CA

The California Transportation Commission approves allocation of transportation funding in the state, and released a report last spring entitled 2011 Statewide Transportation Needs Assessment.  This report attempts to quantify the need for the next ten years of transportation investment for all modes, and came in at over $500 billion.  Of that, the amount estimated for bike and pedestrian infrastructure was only $4.5B, or less than 1%.

The National Partnership took a close look at the 2011 report’s estimate and determined that the bike/ped portion significantly underestimated the needs for active transportation.  The bike/ped estimate was based on a compilation of needs reflected in Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs), none of which had been updated since 2008 when SB375 (Sustainable Communities legislation) was adopted.  More recently adopted RTPs, including those from three of four of the big Metro Planning Organizations (MPOs) in the state, indicate rapidly rising emphasis on investing in active transportation and completing bike/ped networks.  SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments), SACOG (Sacramento Area Council of Governments), and SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) have all increased their annual predicted spending on bike/ped infrastructure in their most recent RTPs by an average of 400%!

Based on this increase the National Partnership estimated that statewide the 10-year active transportation needs should be at least four times greater than the estimate in the 2011 CTC report, or approximately $18B.  We submitted recommendations to the Needs Assessment Work Group to be considered and amended to the 2011 report, including our needs estimate of $18B.  And if the number of Californian’s walking and biking continues to increase, we recommend that the CTC consider another amendment to the needs estimate every few years.

SRTSNP comments on CTC 2011 Needs Assessment

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