State Network – November Meeting: Lots of data!

Please join us Thursday, November 29th via webinar from 9-10am for our Safe Routes to School State Network Meeting.  All are welcome and invited to join.   Please note, this will be the last state network meeting of the year.  Starting in January, we will resume these montly meetings on the 4th Thursday of the month from 9-10am.

Webinar details: 
Thursday, November 29th from 9-10 am
Please register in advance:

Call in for audio:  (646) 307-1726
Access Code: 923-118-283


  1. Introductions – 5 minutes – end at 9:05
  2. SafeTREC pedestrian collision data and new TIMS mapping tool– John Bigham (UC Berkeley SafeTREC), 20 minutes – end approx 9:25
  3. Walking and Biking in California: Analysis of the CA-NHTS – Nancy McGuckin (Travel Behavior Analyst), 20 minutes – end approx 9:45
  4. Update on MAP-21 and BTH proposal – Deb Hubsmith (SRTSNP), 10 minutes – end at 9:55
  5. Announcements, 5 minutes – end at 10 AM

Next Meeting: January 24th 9-10am via conference call (4th Thursday of every month).

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