Get Counted! City of Pomona’s Bicycle Count in Oct

Get on your bicycles Oct 13th and 17th to get counted by the City of Pomona! See times below.

Just as transportation agencies count cars to measure congestion, travel time, capacity and more, they also count bicyclists and pedestrians. However, it is more difficult to count bicycles and pedestrians because of limited infrastructure, resources, and time.  Traffic signals are sometimes equipped with devices to measure the  number and speed of cars passing by it.  These devices are not always calibrated or sensitive enough to accurately record information for pedestrians and cyclists, especially if they use weight or size as identifiers for what is being counted.  Therefore, bicycle and pedestrian counts are usually conducted by volunteers that stand at a particular intersection and manually count the number of people on bikes and foot crossing that intersection.  Typically the counters also record information about whether cyclists are travelling against traffic flow, wearing helmets, riding in a distracted manner (cell phones), male or female and whether they are children.  The resource heavy nature of bicycle and pedestrian counts decreases the frequency of these counts and degrades the thoroughness of their results.  This fact raises a number of issues for active transportation data collection and analysis, such as the availability, quality, and accuracy of bicycle and pedestrian data.  At the end of the day, the cities and groups that want to know how many riders and walkers are using the available infrastructure, strive to use such information to prioritize limited resources and maintain safety on the roads.

So in closing….Get on your bicycles (or volunteer) in Pomona at specific dates, times, and locations listed below.

The Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition, chapter of the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition, is coordinating volunteers and training for the City of Pomona:

  • Wed. October 3, 6:30-7:30pm
  • Saturday October 6  10-11 am
  • Training location: Ganesha Community Center, 1575 N. White Ave. Pomona
  •  Contact Martin at  (213) 629-2142 or to sign up.

 The final dates and locations for the City of Pomona’s and Los Angeles Department of Public Health’s Bicycle counts:

Bicycle Count Dates and Times:

  • Saturday October 13, 11am-1pm
  • Wednesday October 17, 7-9am & 4-6pm

Count locations

  1. Philadelphia & Garey
  2. Towne & Franklin
  3. Holt & Garey
  4. South Campus & Ridgeway
  5. South Campus & Temple
  6. Garey & Arrow Highway
  7. Bonita & Towne

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