Special SCAG Toolbox Lecture: Economics of Walking and Biking for Economic Development

THURSDAY, September 27 (11:00 am – 12:00 pm)

Economics of Walking and Biking – Employing Walkable and Bikeable Neighborhoods for Economic Development

Lecture will be held at the SCAG main office downtown Los Angeles Office with videoconferencing available in all other counties. Register Online on the SCAG website: Register Here.

The purpose of the session is to introduce elected officials, city staff, and planners, to the economic value of walkable and bikeable communities. It will answer the questions:

  • How do the built environment and human activity impact economic, social and ecological value?
  • Why should cities and counties invest transportation and development dollars into bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure?
  • How do you engage the community, private developers, investors, funders, and businesses to create quality places for people?

An expert on the triple bottom line of urban design, Mariela A. Alfonzo, Ph.D., MURP examines the relationship between the built environment and behavior, focusing on walkability, consumption behavior, social interaction, sense of community, and sustainability within the context of retail, mixed-use, and neighborhood revitalization. She has a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning with an emphasis on Urban Design and Behavior, from the University of California, Irvine (UCI), and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Psychology from the University of Miami. Her articles have appeared in Urban Land, Planning, the Journal of Urban Design, and the Journal of the American Planning Association. Download Dr. Alfonzo’s Resume.

Register Online on the SCAG website: Register Here.

Locations for videoconferencing are Orange County, Western Riverside County, San Benardino County, Ventura County, Imperial County, Northern Los Angeles County (Antelope Valley), and Cochella Valley (requires minimum 5 people).

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