Bay Area Health in Transportation (BAHT) Collaborative Meeting Sept 19

Join the Safe Routes to School National Partnership and TransForm to ensure transportation policy is infused with a concern for the health and well-being of all the Bay Area’s communities.

Details on the next call:
Wednesday, Sept 19, from 10-11 am

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200; Participant access code: 116936#

Go to this link to sign up for our Sept 19 webinar:

On the agenda, we will be getting a presentation from The Alameda County Public Health Department on the current Bus Access Health Impact Assessment (HIA). This HIA will inform the development of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), which will guide transportation-related investments over the next 25 years. The assessment will examine the equity impacts–or how the new Plan might affect different populations in different ways–of the RTP within Alameda County, specifically focused on transit-dependent populations and the expected health outcomes that may result from changes to bus access as determined by RTP. Since transit-reliant communities are primarily low-income people of color, this HIA will also determine the potential for differential impacts on these vulnerable groups. The HIA will focus on the impacts that changes in public transportation could have on access to health and social services, basic amenities such as grocery and retail stores, and employment, and how these changes could impact health in bus-dependent communities.

You can find the HIA presentation here.

For more information please contact SRTSNP’s Bay Area Policy Manager, Marty Martinez at, or TransForm’s Policy Director Manolo González-Estay at (510) 740-3131,

Register to get announcements for future calls here!

Please contact Marty Martinez of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership with any questions at (415) 637-6488,, or Manolo González-Estay from TransForm at (510) 740-3131,

Register to get announcements for future calls here!

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