Los Angeles County Metro Sustainability Plan up for Comments – sign on to our letter!

Catching the bus at LA’s Union Station and Metro’s Headquarters – a Critical Transit hub, but safe and accessible by foot or bike?

Los Angeles County Metro is currently asking for feedback on the Metro Countywide Sustainability Planning Policy Document. This policy is intended to be both a guide for Metro planners and a resource for encouraging collaboration and partnerships on sustainability with local agencies.  If interested in weighing send comments to sustainableplanning@metro.net. The public comment period ends September 4th, 2012.

Metro’s Board of Directors is scheduled to consider adoption of the policy in October.

Too busy to look at the plan and make the deadline?  Consider signing onto our letter or  see what our key comments are by viewing our letter here.

Key points we encourage Metro Board members to key in mind as they consider this policy for adoption,  in 2009, Metro adopted its most recent Long Range Transportation Plan that totaled $298 Billion dollars, which allocated less than 1 percent of funding on Active Transportation over the next 30 years (Metro 2009 LRTP page 15).  In order to achieve the goals of the Sustainability plan, it is critical that we examine our transportation allocations, and recognize that if we want to achieve multi-modalism and improve safety, Metro will need to increase funding and staff capacity for active transportation and maximize first mile/last mile access to its transit system.

  • Over 23 percent of all trips in Los Angeles County are made by walking and bicycling per 2009 National Household Travel Survey,
  • Tragically, in Los Angeles County approximately 39 percent of the roadway fatalities are suffered by people walking and bicycling per 2010 SWITRS data,
  • To date LA Metro has allocated less than 1% of all available funding on walking/bike investments (Metro 2009 LTRP)
  • It is estimated that Los Angeles County spends approximately $12 billion per year on health care costs related to the impacts of sedentary lifestyles and obesity.

Email Jessica at Safe Routes Partnership dot org by 4pm on Tuesday 9/4 to sign onto our letter – logos welcome!

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