City of Santa Monica Transportation Impact Nexus Study

Santa Monica
Photo courtesy of Chris Saulit on Flickr

Some cities have actively pursued and promoted multimodal transportation infrastructure in their planning and design measures. These progressive communities lead the pack in changing the way we think about traveling within and between our neighborhoods and cities.

The City of Santa Monica recently released the Transportation Impact Nexus Study in order to ensure that new development pays its fair share of the costs associated with the implementation and management of a multimodal transportation system in the city. The impact fee is designed to address projected growth and achieve no net new PM peak hour vehicle trips through 2030. In order to accomplish this, the expansion of transportation choices, such as the construction of sidewalks, curb extensions, bicycle transit lanes, and installation of bike racks in capital projects are matched by demand-side measures and combined with trip reduction programs. Total project costs exceed $172 million with the bicycle actions category making up the largest expenditure and pedestrian actions the third-largest.

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