Complete Streets Policies Required in the Bay Area

Photo Credit: HEAC on flickr

On May 17, ,the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) approved the One Bay Area Grant program to provide $800 million over four years to cities and counties for transportation projects. As part of the OBAG program, any city or county that receives money must ensure they are implementing complete streets policies, either by updating their general plan circulation element, or by passing a complete streets resolution that meets minimum criteria.

The minimum criteria and a sample resolution were provided by MTC and can be found here.

The required elements include ensuring streets serve all users, that complete streets is implemented through all relevant city/county departments, and ensuring an evaluation plan.

ChangeLab Solutions, the Marin County Bicycle Coalition, and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership have developed a model complete streets policy resolution that can be used to help counties and cities in developing their policies.

MTC will be talking more about their complete streets policy requirements at a meeting of the Active Transportation Workgroup to be held July 26th at 9:30 am at 101 Eighth Street, Oakland.

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