Encinitas SRTS Scorecard Program

San Diegueno Middle School Students Walk to School
Source: SRTS Scoreboard

The City of Encinitas, California recently released their Safe Routes to School Scorecard Program with the goal of the document acting as a resource to specify funding recommendations for projects within the City. It is envisioned that the City, school districts, and community groups will use the resource to shape programs, share strategies, and detail the priority projects which will increase SRTS for bicycles and pedestrians. Students within each school were surveyed in order to determine the student population which walks/bikes/skateboards to and from school as well as the reasons the students do or do not travel in this way.

A few findings from the Scorecard Program include:

  • Ada Harris Elementary School – 54% of the 3rd and 5th grade students surveyed currently walk/bike/skateboard to school and 86% would if the streets had better sidewalks and more bike lanes.
  • Ocean Knoll Elementary School – 81% of 3rd and 5th grade students surveyed think walking/biking to school is fun but many don’t participate because there are no designated crosswalks, many sidewalks are in poor condition, and few streets have bike lanes.
  • San Dieguito Academy – This high school currently participates in a bike to school day and utilizes crossing guards on major intersections, but many students (48% of students surveyed) live too far away and others are deterred by the traffic speeds/volumes on nearby streets such as Santa Fe Dr.

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