PPHF 2012: Community Transformation Grants

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a call for grant applications of $70 million through the Community Transformation Grant Program (CTG).  The CTG program supports State and local governmental agencies and community-based organizations to create programs aimed at reducing chronic disease rates and health disparities.

Who is eligible?

This round of funding targets “Small Communities” of up to 500,000 individuals in neighborhoods, school districts, villages, towns, cities and counties.  “These areas can be specific counties, cities, towns and villages with up to 500,000 population or neighborhoods, sections, or subgroups of the population (e.g., children or seniors) within a metropolitan area.”

Eligible agencies include “school districts, local housing authorities, local transportation authorities, health departments, planning and economic development agencies, non-profit and community based organizations, area aging agencies and cooperative extension agencies (educational programs within land grant universities), tribes and tribal organizations.”

What types of projects are eligible?

The goal of the grants is to achieve reductions in chronic disease by engaging “multiple sectors to create environments that support health and healthful behaviors.”  The outcomes of the program must align with the following long-term performance objectives:

  • Long term objective:  Reduce death and disability due to tobacco use by 5% among the target population.
  • Long term objective:  Reduce the rate of obesity through nutrition and physical activity interventions by 5% in the implementation area.
  • Long term objective:  Reduce death and disability due to heart disease and stroke by 5% in the implementation area.


The deadline for submitting grant applications is July 31, 2012.  To review the grant details and application form click here.

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