Transportation Enhancements 1992-2011

A new report by the National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse (NTEC) details how Transportation Enhancement (TE) Monies have been spent over the past two decades.   TE is one of the most important sources of funding that counties and cities use to create bicycle lanes and improve sidewalks.

Through TE Congress has provided $13 Billion dollars of funding which has been used to complete 27,009 projects between FY 1992 and FY 2011.   California to date has been awarded just over $1 billion dollars in TE funding which was matched by an additional $510 million from state and local sources.  To date a total of 1,593 TE projects have been completed in CA for an average of $650,000 per project.

While this is an impressive number of projects, it should be noted that TE makes up a very small sliver of total federal dollars (TE is reppresented by the dashed yellow area on the chart below).  In the most recent version of the Federal Transportation Bill SAFETEA-LU this money was augmented by the Safe Routes to Schools funding, the Highway Safety funding, and the recreational trails funding.  Despite this, only 1.6% of the federal budget is spent on bicycling and walking projects according the Alliance for Bicycling and Walking.

Of the total projects approximately 58% fo the funding was used for walking and bicycling transportation projects (not including trails).

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