Upcoming Webinar (5/17): Joint Use Agreements 101

One of the biggest obstacles many communities face in encouraging children and their families to be physically active is a lack of accessible open spaces and athletic facilities. But addressing the issue won’t necessarily require building parks or fitness centers. It could be as simple as unlocking a gate.

Most local schools have playgrounds, gyms, fields, basketball courts and open space, but school officials often close these facilities after school because of legitimate concerns over cost, vandalism, security and liability in case of injury.

Unfortunately, that means kids have a harder time being active after school — but there is a solution. Many schools and local governments have partnered to create shared-use agreements that allow school playgrounds and gyms to be used after-school to support physical activity among all community members.

PreventObesity.net is scheduled to host a free webinar at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday 5/17 about these agreements, also called joint use agreements. Speakers will explain the basic concept of the agreements, talk about how they help address childhood obesity and provide insight into navigating local laws and regulations to craft them.

PreventObesity.net’s Rebecca Frank will moderate the session alongside Manal Aboelata of the Prevention Institute. Scheduled speakers include Dr. John Spengler from the University of Florida, Dr. Jamie Chriqui from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Genoveva Islas-Hooker of the Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program.

Click here to register for the webinar. Registration is free!

You can also take part in the webinar on Twitter by using the hashtag #shareduse.

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