May Meeting – Southern California Network

Please join us Thursday, May 10th via conference call from 9-10am for our Safe Routes to School Southern California Network Meeting.  All are welcome and invited to join. Please note, we hold these meetings monthly, on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 9-10am.

Thursday, May 10th from 9-10 am
Conference Call Number: 866-394-4146
Guest Code: 878934528#
*4 mute/unmute

Agenda (draft – subject to change):

1. Welcome, Introductions (5 – 10 mins)

2. SCAG RTP/SCS Update and Next Steps (5 mins)

3. HSIP Grant Applications (15  mins)

4. Regional Planning Spotlight (15 mins)
  • Orange County Regional Bikeways Planning with Carolyn Mamaradlo, Associate Transportation Analyst, Transit & Non-motorized Planning, Orange County Transportation Association, Presentation Dropbox Link.

4. Announcements (5 mins)

  • Announcements from Others
  • Upcoming Safe Routes to School National Partnership CA Meetings:
    • Statewide Action Team Meetings (conf calls):
      • Complete Streets – Wed., May 9th @ 10am (agenda)
      • Obligations and Funding – Tue., May 8th @ 2pm (agenda)
      • Joint Use – Wed., May 9th @ 2pm (agenda TBD)
    • Regional: Bay Area SRTSNP/TransForm Network Call (TBD)
    • State: California SRTS State Network – Thu., May 24th @ 9am (agenda TBD)

5. Events

6. Funding Opp’s and Deadlines

  • Roadmaps to Health Community Grants – Due June 7th
  • HSIP – On April 23, 2012, Caltrans announced a combined call for HSIP and HR3 projects based upon anticipated federal safety funding in the upcoming 2013 FSTIP starting in October 2012. Caltrans expects the available funding apportioned to local agencies in the 2013 FSTIP to be approximately $100 million for HSIP and $15 million for HR3 in their respective 4 year plans. Applications are due on Friday, July 20, 2012 and should be submitted to the attention of your Caltrans District Local Assistance Engineer. Applications received or postmarked after July 20, 2012 will not be accepted.

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