San Bernardino Improvement to Transit Access for Cyclists and Pedestrians

The San Bernardino Association of Governments (SANBAG) is evaluating conditions for non-motorized users, bicyclists and pedestrians, when accessing fixed guideway systems (Metrolink stations) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines, also known as SBX, in San Bernardino County. This effort is part of SANBAG’s Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (NMTP), which was updated in 2011, and in part a response to California Senate Bill 375’s initiatives to reduce vehicle per miles traveled in Southern California.

SANBAG is looking for comments from the public, community advocates, residents, and cities on the Transit Access Study for Cyclists and Pedestrians (“Transit Access Study”) by Friday, April 20th at 5pm. All comments should sent electronically to Mr. Ryan Graham at rgraham (at), SANBAG Transit Analyst.

This Transit Access Study study aims to improve connectivity and safety for cyclists and pedestrians (also known as Active Transportation) traveling to/from Metrolink Commuter Rail and BRT lines. The study area around stations are limited to 3 miles or 15 minutes for bicycle trips and .5 miles or 15 miles for pedestrian trips. Since, infrastructure improvements in the Transit Access Study will be implemented by local cities, project feasibility is a crucial considerations for all stations. The study is exciting and outcomes have big implications for the Inland Empire.

The cities participating in the Transit Access Study for Cyclists and Pedestrians are Montclair, Upland, Rancho Cucamunga, Fontana, Rialto, San Bernardino, and Loma Linda. Selected stations met criteria set by SANBAG and local city staff, including feasibility of increasing bicycle and pedestrian facilities, high level of existing or planned transit service, proximity to transit orientated development, relative location to students and employees, and opportunities to model infrastructure changes for the rest of the Inland Empire Region. The selected stations are listed below and current conditions report is also available online for each station in the Transit Access Study:

  1. Montclair Metrolink Station
  2. Upland Metrolink Station
  3. Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink Station
  4. Fontana Metrolink Station
  5. Rialto Metrolink Station
  6. San Bernardino Metrolink Station
  7. Hunts Lane (San Bernardino) sbX Station
  8. Anderson Street (Loma Linda) sbX Station
  9. Highland Avenue (San Bernardino) sbX Station
  10. Palm Avenue (San Bernardino) sbX Station
Safe Routes to School California Network comments for the Transit Access Study focus on active transportation trips for transit. In order to significantly impact vehicle per miles traveled and decrease rates of obesity, active transportation trips to school, work, and commerce must be increased. Walking and bicycling are fun but they are not just for tourism and recreation. Transit means destinations are important to identify for bicyclists and pedestrians in the Transit Access Study station areas and will enables cities to circumvent conflicts and leverage existing funding. Destinations, especially schools, are important to determine the best location for transit corridors and infrastructure changes. Safe Routes to School provides state and federal funding dollars for projects that can be leveraged for improvements near public transportation stations. Additionally, knowing where school are can prevent conflicts with the routes children and families already take to school.

SANBAG’s NMTP aim to increase bicycling and walking are important to the health and economices of the Inland Empire. The NMTP and Transit Access Study will help transition from car centric to multi-modal perspectives. The Transit Access Study is a step in the right direction with great leadership direction from SANBAG. It will be up to local advocacy, residents, and city to make the plans happen. Thank you local champions.

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