Challenges in Southern California’s Unincorporated Areas

A video by California Watch’s California Lost Project created a video on the challenges faced by residents of unincorporated areas of California: YouTube Video. Many residents of unincorporated areas are not provided adequate city services, lack public health compliance in housing, and politically disenfranchised. Many unincorporated areas are among the highest rates of projected population growth. SCAG RTP/SCS 2012 Supplementary Growth Forecast. More statistics about unincorporated areas in California below.

Southern California’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is the largest in the nation by square miles, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).  About 1.8 million low-income people live in unincorporated areas of California, without safe infrastructure and services, such as clean water, sewage lines, street lights, sidewalks, and open space. Policy Link. SCAG profiled all its counties and unincorporated areas in reports that are available online.

A summary of unincorporated counties based SCAG profile numbers the highlight the impacts of unincorporated areas’ transportation issues and potential Safe Route to School or Safe Routes to Bus Stops efforts:

Unincorporated County Pop. # / % County Drove Alone to Work Mean Travel Time to Work (All County) K-12 Public Student Enrollment % County
Imperial 37,778 / 21.6% 80.4% 21 min 2,325 / 6.4%
Los Angeles 1,057,426 / 10.8% 76.7% 32 min 1,057,426 / 11.4%
Orange 121,160 / 4% 87.6% 29 min 12,285 / 2.4%
Riverside 504,392 / 23% 79.2% 34 min 25,738 / 6.2%
San Bernardino 291,776 / 14.3% 77.7% 32 min 41,929 / 10.1%

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