California State Network – Obligation and Funding Action Team Meeting

California Safe Routes to School Network Meeting

Agenda – Tuesday February 28, 2010:  2 – 3pm

Call (toll-free):  1-866-394-4146, 553816012#

Mute option is *4, unmute is *4

This meeting will be to discuss getting Federal Cycle 3 Safe Routes to School Grants obligated and underway by 06/30/12.   These funds were awarded in October 2011 and it is critical to support Caltrans, TARC and other efforts to ensure these funds are programmed and initiated in a timely manner.  Please join us if you are working on a cycle 3 grant.

1. Introductions

2. Background of Action TeamJessica Meaney, SRTSNP

3. Status and Background on Cycle 3 Grants, Resources and Efforts available to get funds moving – see written update here, Patti Horsely, TARC

4. Status of RFA packages, Dawn Foster, Caltrans

5. Group Discussion on achieving goal of having all Cycle 3 grants, particularly NI grants are obligated by 06/30/12

  • Lessons learned from jurisdictions and Caltrans District who are moving quickly on this process

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