First Meeting this Wed: Bay Area Regional Network

Please join us for the kick off meeting of the Bay Area Regional Network, Wednesday, February 15 from 9am – 10am.

Join us as the Safe Routes to School National Partnership and TransForm jumpstart a new collaboration of advocates, community members, health professionals, and planning experts from across the Bay Area. The primary goal is to ensure transportation policy is infused with a concern for the health and well-being of all the Bay Area’s communities.

This first meeting will include a discussion of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s $250 million OneBayArea grant, and give easy tools for people concerned about public health, equity, and the environment to make a difference in future Bay Area expenditures on transportation, including a new report from TransForm on ways to make gains in health through transportation.

Please register now by clicking here

Wednesday, February 15, from 9-10 am
Call-in number: (559) 726-1200
Access code: 116936#
Mute option is *6, unmute is *6
Webinar link (optional):

Agenda (draft – subject to change):

  1. Introductions to the network and our goals, Marty Martinez (SRTSNP), 10 minutes, end at 9:10
    We also want your help in naming our new network!
  2. Presentation on “Creating Healthy Regional Transportation Plans” Jeff Hobson (TransForm), 10 minutes, end at 9:20, presentation here
  3. Questions on the report, 5 minutes, end at 9:25
  4. Introduction to One Bay Area and the Sustainable Community Strategy process, Jeff Hobson (TransForm), 10 minutes, end at 9:35, presentation here
  5. The One Bay Area Grant (OBAG), timeline, and action plan, Marty Martinez (SRTSNP), 10 minutes, end at 9:45, presentation here
    Take Action To Make the One Bay Area Grant More Supportive of Health.
    MTC Commissioners.
    Sample letter to send to MTC Commissioners.
  6. Questions on One Bay Area and advocacy, 10 minutes, end at 9:55
  7. Thank you and next steps, Jeff Hobson (TransForm), 5 minutes, end at 10:00

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 21 at  10am

Please contact Marty Martinez of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership with any questions at (415) 637-6488,, or Manolo González-Estay from TransForm at (510) 740-3131,

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