February California Complete Streets Action Team Meeting


In California, Complete Streets Policy Legislation exists at the state level with AB1358 (2008), requiring cities and counties to include complete streets policies as part of their general plans as they are updated.  There is also statewide policy on Complete Streets at Caltrans through Deputy Directive 64-R1, and revisions to the CA Highway Design Manual are taking place now.  Throughout California, many counties and other local jurisdictions have, or are in the process of implementing complete streets policies.

This action team will be meeting via conference call on  February 15th, 10-11 am. 

Conference Call Number: 1-866-394-4146
Access Code: 553816012#
Mute/unmute: *4

Agenda: (Draft subject to revision)

1.  Welcome, Introductions 5 mins
2.  Check in – taking a moment to check in with those on the call.  Talk about what they are working on regarding complete streets 10 mins
3.  Update on tasks set out in September meeting.  (Dave and Rhianna) 20 mins
  • Support the implementation of AB 1358, track its progress
  • Publicize and work to ensure that Caltrans’ DD-64-R1 policy is being implemented at the statewide and District levels, and monitor and work with Caltrans as all of manuals are being updated.
  • Work to ensure that barriers and challenges for low-income communities in making improvements for all users, regardless of age or ability, are addressed.
  • Look for opportunities to include Complete Streets implementation into policy frameworks and targets that are being developed for the implementation of AB32 and SB375, the state’s climate legislation which is aimed at reducing car trips.
4.  Discuss any additional tasks that should be added. 5 mins
5.  What makes good complete streets policy. 20 mins
6.  Schedule next meeting.
Conference Number:  1-866-394-4146

Access Code:  553816012#
*4 mute/unmute

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