City of Los Angeles to hire Pedestrian Coordinator – Apply Now!

Did you know the City of Los Angeles has never had a pedestrian coordinator?  Well thanks to the leadership and vision of stakeholders throughout the city  – that will soon change!

Please see the attached invitation to apply for a pedestrian coordinator consultant position and at least one assistant pedestrian coordinator consultant position to lead and assist with the development of a Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan, for up to one year of contract.

The detailed instructions and work descriptions will be posted the first week of January at the Mayor’s Business Assistance Virtual Network (BAVN) website at:

Per the 2010 Alliance for Bicycling and Walking Benchmark report, large U.S. Cities average 3.9 bike/ped staff per million residents, LA City has a population of 3.7M,  so ideally should have a lot more than two people working on pedestrian issues , especially given the large pedestrian mode split and safety issues – but this is an exciting start!

Help spread the word and encourage those interested to apply! We are grateful for all the leaders, community members, policymakers and visionaries who have been championing these positions and for the exciting citywide Safe Routes to School plan these staffers will lead the way in creating.

Update Monday 1/9 – please note LA DOT will be have a informational meeting on these positions on Thursday Jan 12th – please click here for the details..

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