December Meeting: California State Network

Thursday, December 8th, 2011:  9 – 10 a.m.
Conference Number:  1-866-394-4146
Access Code:  553816012#
*4 mute/unmute


1.   Introductions, 5 minutes, end approx 9:05

2.  December Update and 2011 – 2012 Workplan Goals: Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center (TARC) Staff – Patti Horsley, Justine Hearn, Kristin Haukom and Victoria Custodio, 15 minutes, end approx 9:20

3.  Reminder: Forthcoming State Call for Projects – SR2S, new requirements re: public participation and prioritizing low income communities (Ab 516 signed 09/11), 5 minutes, end approx 9:25

4. Update on Federal Transportation Bill, Deb Hubsmith, Safe Routes to School National Partnership, 5-7 minutes, end approx 9:35

5.  Changes to the California Department of Transportation: Operations Policy Directives (TOPD) for Pedestrian Walking Speed and Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) Systems, Brian Alconcel, Chief, Pedestrian Safety Caltrans, 10- 15 minutes, end approx 9:50

6. SANDAG’s Regional Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan – comments due 01/12, takeaways for San Diego County and What other regions can take away from this effort and strategic plan efforts, and how this fits into SANDAG’s early action active transportation program.  Jessica Meaney, Safe Routes to School National Partnership, 5 minutes, end approx 9:55

7. Update on the Safe Routes to School National Partnership California Team – what’s to come in 2012!

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