October Meeting: Southern California Safe Routes to School Network

Please join us Tuesday October 18th via conference call from 2 – 3 p.m. for our Safe Routes to School Southern California Network Meeting. All are welcome and invited to join.

Tuesday October 18th, 2-3pm
Conference Call Number: (218) 862-1001
Access Code: 1009315#
*6 mute/unmute


1.  Welcome, Introductions, 5 min

2.  SCAG Regional Transportation Plan – Big Push needed – draft to be released in December.  Input now is critical.  SCAG’s last RTP, adopted in 2008, allocated 0.46% of all available funds to walking and biking projects, join the efforts to ensure this does not happen again, 25-35 minutes end at approx 2:35pm

3.  Responding to the collision in Echo Park, Los Angeles, where 3 young students in Los Angeles struck and severly injured in crosswalk on the Way to School.  Los Angeles Times writer Hector Tobar writes powerful piece on the need for equity and safe streets for every community.     (15-20 minutes, end approx 2:55)

“Being a pedestrian in L.A. is always dangerous. But certain intersections and crosswalks are more lethal than they need to be.  That’s because the people who use them are invisible to policymakers who decide how traffic flows through the city. This crosswalk lies within a few blocks of four public school campuses. In another neighborhood, there might a traffic signal to help pedestrians. Instead, it’s city policy to transform surface streets like West Temple into “secondary” and “tertiary” routes to and from downtown to alleviate pressure on the Hollywood, 110, 10 and other freeways.”

4. We’re hiring – Help us spread the word – applications due 10/31

5.  Comments and Announcements from others

2 Responses to October Meeting: Southern California Safe Routes to School Network

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Jessica
    Can you confirm the call in time? There are two different dates and two different times.

  2. Sorry about that – I just fixed it.

    Meeting is Tues 10/18 2-3pm. Thanks for letting me know.


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